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Printing in China has a sweet  spot of
      --   70%-to-80% cost reduction, in
      --   high-value-added skilled labor
      --   requiring close supervision

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Costs are always to be quoted as all-encompassing
delivered to your dock or sidewalk
DDP ("Delivered Duty Paid")

The sweet spot for printing in China is found
          --   at 70%-to-80% cost reduction,
          --   in high-value-added hand labor,
          --   requiring close supervision.

China meets, very well, the sort of specs
which cost a lot, a lot more, to produce in America.

deduct  70% to 80%
deduct a lot,
from US printing costs

These savings are real.

From the startof our experience*** with Printing- in-China, beginning there in
2008, every job-ticket has been free of dispute, and successful in delivery.

That means, at a typical cost reduction of 75%, that each
            $ 100,000 of total invoice paid to the Chinese printer brought
            $ 300,000 of cost reduction to our buyers,
comparing earlier invoices for the same work produced here.

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Magenta stripe         ***In our experience, printing in China is different from, SAY, choosing
a silicon chip from amongst current   deliverables of a manufacturer, testing
a thousand,
and then ordering a million of exactly that tested chip, delivery
by FedEx Airfreight in, SAY, four-or-ten monthly shipments.

        Printing in China requires upfront planning before your creative artwork
is complete; clearly detailed communications-&-acknowledgement, certainly including two-way exchange of samples, all before suitable production time,
and then four-to-eight-week ocean delivery.

         Printing in China is indeed a big cost reduction:   it's also an investment of substantial attention.

        China is after all, a land where a broad range of experience, combined
with relevant skills, have been so highly valued that Kublai Kahn engaged
Marco Polo as uber-governor over a multi-district region.

Turnaround time:

 two or three weeks to produce,
varying with complexity of specs and the supervision/skilled work required
plus time for
ocean   freight (4 weeks)
and Homeland Security clearance (0-4 weeks)
plus time for inland freight (1-to-5 days)  

Safety, living a quiet life:

PrintEasy-China work offers New York jurisdiction,
all by phone and document to resolve any dispute
via the American Arbitration Association by mediation, first;
then by arbitration, should it be that bad,
all by phone and document
(no personal appearance, no adversarial deposition).