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Catalog printing and mailing:
knowledgeable by dint of
long-&-broad success,
on-time and right, from the Midwest

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(800)  562-0888 MaryCampanella@printEasy.net

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How you gain a quiet life,
who we are, and
how we do it.

All printing is manufacturing;
catalog printing is
    custom    manufacturing,
which means that you get a quiet life by
  putting your work on the right press.   

left green arrow YOUR BUYING POWER GAINS

We are print brokers,
  so your buying power gains   
the good will of our substantial
aggregate-over-the-decades buying power.

✔ We are print brokers,
knowledgeable, by dint of long-&-broad success,
so we know what goes where --

  we know who does what.   

✔ We are print brokers, connecting you directly
with the right press & right shop ;   and " directly "
means that the printer(s) quote directly
to you, copy to us, and work directly
with you.

Why this is
good for you
You get
(1)   knock-your-socks-off Midwest costs,
(2)   on-time production matching your specs,
(3)   a quiet life.

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pixel stripe Every morning brings us daily reports from      
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pixel stripe less vulnerable, not going to fall off the train.

Print-Midwest.org work within
PrintEasy is priced to be " house account"
work, a service ignited by PrintEasy.

Print-China.com.cn work within
PrintEasy is priced to be " house account "
work, a personal connection with the ethnic-
Chinese, US-citizen, married couple who
own-&-run the business in China.

PrintEasy.com is an employee-owned,
for-profit corporation (the employee-owner,
and founder, more than a quarter-century ago,
is Mary Campanella, president of PrintEasy).

Printeasy earns commissions, paid to us
by the printers; usually ten percent, rarely
five percent.

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If your printing budget is, SAY, the $60 million of L.L. Bean, or
If you buy printing for, SAY,
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The History Book Club
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(a division of)
  Book of the Month Club (a division of)
  Club Holdings (a division of)
  Time Inc (a division of)
  Time Warner and so on, then you already
employ a lot of people as full-time
talking to your printer(s)'
staff(s), every day :
Then you really don't need us around.
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On the other hand,
you print one catalog a year,
perhaps monthly brochures of 8pp, 16pp, 32pp, 64 pages,

and your in-house capacity is creative,   (creates the words and art),
as distinct from   production   (manages the printing, binding, mailing),

you are exactly whom we want to work with, and we are exactly
your best path to quiet-life  printing.

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have invited work thru us (and made written commitments to
pay us commissions, and to provide us computer-regular daily job-status,
so that we can monitor the progress of your work.)
that's a good thing,
or at least, OK-fine.

The problem is that many of those biggest are so big
--    in mind-set, such bureaucracies    --
that no senior person is directly involved in printing.
that's a bad thing,
so, of greater
value (to you)

We've built strong working connections with  really good niche printers,
folks who produce ten-to-fifty-million dollars
of printing, mailing, and fulfillment, who put
heart,  soul, and the right equipment, into
being better-than-anyone-in-the-world at something.

West is to the right

Our own location,
Friday Harbor, is north
of Seattle, "... so far north that

Friday Harbor's winter
population is about 800  -- 
on an island about the same
size as the island of Manhattan

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Print-Midwest , a service ignited by PrintEasy

(800)     562-0888

158 Channel Heights Way,  Friday Harbor,  WA 98250
Print brokers for Marketers and Publishers on both Coasts
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