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Theatrical: road show
fulfillment, ON-TIME
and in the right place

(800)    562-0888            
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Road Shows:
Broadway lobby-souvenir book & Poster Printing,
and successful fulfillment,
on-time and complete, for a quiet life

Full-color (4/0), digital art provided:  prepress-&-proofs included,  no surprises

  24" x 36" Full-size Posters other sizes, other quantities
phone us, discuss
quantities 4-color-process full color,  88-brite
one thousand 100#, flood aqueous proof   $    222
setup   $    777
1st thousand   $    222
total $ 1,221

unit cost = $ 1.22 
we make it easy
(800)  562-0888


yes, $ 1.22 each

2nd thousand 100#, flood aqueous 2nd thousand    $    222
unit cost = $   0.22
yes, the second  thousand costs
22  cents each
ten thousand 80# $ 2,555  
10M 80#, flood aqueous $ 2,888  
10M 100# $ 2,999  
10M 100#, flood aqueous $ 3,333  

Will you mail these posters?
Fedex a hundred?
One to each target?
Packages of a ten?
It's important to work with a printer
competent in fulfillment systems.      

We support theatrical campaigns on-the-road with real on-the-road
fulfillment procedures (we get it to the right theater at the right time,
SAY, before the cast gets there)

Solution:    choose the right shop, of course,

Printeasy is your best path;
see especially
"Who we are, and how you gain a quiet life: