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18-cent Postage, No List To Buy
to stay in front of America's one percent

(800)    562-0888
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Stay connected with America's One Percent for
18-cent postage, No List To Buy
(USPS "EDD" service is Every Door Delivery)

Example :    San Francisco Bay Area

within zip code 94920 In three selected
carrier routes (3 of 16 in that Tiburon zipcode)
on Belvedere Island and Belvedere Lagoon,

         $ 193 postage;   No Lists To Buy

(click to enlarge)
1,067 "one percent"
families reside, and buy,
here, with the
buying power of a
US Carrier Battle Fleet.

My Grandma would call that well-targeted, and
my Grandma would go for it.

Example :    San Francisco Bay Area

For Silicon Valley
and the hidden Portola Valley,
-- (estimate) --
residential values $800,000 to $40 million,
more than half the carrier-route-densities of
America's One Percent:
11,000 families : $  1,760 postage
No Lists To Buy

My Grandma would see Silicon Valley,
first as "EDD Business ONLY"
then as EDD "Residential ONLY"
(my Grandma would choose either

"EDD Business" or
"EDD Residential")

to have about the same buying power as ten more US Carrier
Battle Fleets, together, and
my Grandma would go for it .